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About us

Why choose O.R.T.I.Z

& Co Srl?






We have 50 years of experience in the field, together with advanced technical competences and the continuous upgrade towards new technologies and more sustainable materials.


We are capable of understanding client needs and can provide lasting plants, with more than 20 years of life cycle, so as to reduce energy emission and guarantee the client with high savings in the medium and long term.


The company’s horizontal organisational structure allows to thoroughly analyse, plan and achieve plants built on each clients singular needs.


Each construction derives from site surveys, detailed planning and design and a meticulous care put into each construction detail. Guaranteeing reduced timeframes through a large, fast and efficient manufacturing process, the company’s choice of the Make-in, assuring maximum reliability and energy efficiency for the entire plant.


The importance of quality, but also the beauty and elegance of lines, the care and attention put in each detail and the ability to innovate, both technically and aesthetically, along with the completeness and diversification of demand, have made O.R.T.I.Z. & Co. Srl, the most significant reference point in the field of refrigeration.


We respect the environment, and we are certified according to the (CE) n. 1516/2007 and n. 303/2008  regulations and (UE) n. 517/2014 regulation, as a licensed F-Gas company with n. ICIM-CFA-00073900.


Better technologies through lasting partnerships with companies present in the industry, assure high quality materials for long lasting plants. All the panels and joints are specifically designed for cold temperatures and do not  have thermal bridges, offering the highest certification in terms of hygiene.


Partnership in the field have allowed us to develop and market the revolutionary system for the food’s purification for environment refrigerated and not.


Constant improvements led the company to patent an instant freezer for food fluids, allowing in very short timeframes, to freeze any food.


"A consolidated success over time, result of unquestionable entrepreneurial skills and a constant developmental effort to offer users more and more advanced products and complying with specific quality and safety standards for the environment"


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