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O.R.T.I.Z. & Co Srl

Certifications and patents

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They talk about us...

From the Corriere del Mezziogiorno (24th October 2011)


“The doc buffalo mozzarella will be also a product of the Campania, but the freezing method of the milk which allows to produce buffalo mozzarella at any time, without losing the nutritional properties of fresh milk, is an invention of a
company of Bari


Download here the article

From ZeroSottoZero (December 2007)


"A efficient productive system doesn’t only request advanced technologies, but also energy saving and respect of the environment […]. The company of Bari has obtain excellent results after a work deeped with American multi international company (Trane) and Italian company (Ascon) based on
a efficient refrigeration system of fruit and vegetable"


Download here the article


Polytechnic of Bari

The company, in agreement with the Polytechnic of Bari, helps to form and promote internship and orientation in accordance with the limits set in Article 1, paragraph 3, of the italian Ministerial Decree n. 142, 25.03.98.

Latest projects:

Analysis of the marketing strategy for a company operating in industrial refrigeration.
[Internship in Marketing and model of e-business]

Management analysis the supply of raw material and producting industrial refrigeration system.
[Internship in Manager of industrial production]

Model for the comparison of production layout in company producing refrigeration systems.

[Thesis in Manager of industrial production]

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