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About us

More than 50 years of work

at your service

O.R.T.I.Z. & Co. Srl, Officine per la Refrigerazione e Tecnologie Industriali Zero e sottozero, is an important Italian company, located in Bari, southern Italy, that operates in the field of industrial refrigeration, specifically concerning the preservation, maturation and freezing of the product, establishing real houses of fruit and vegetable since 1964.


The company’s core business identifies in realising on commission refrigeration plants, which are the result of dedicated planning to meet the needs of individual customers.


All of this is made possible through the company’s horizontal organisational structure that ensures maximum flexibility and a better quality of work.


Through the years, thanks to research and development, the training of personnel and lasting decennial partnerships with the biggest corporations in the field, the company managed to expand it’s client portfolio, nationally and internationally, offering the best quality of products and paying close attention to the impact on the environment and to human health an wellbeing, so as to achieve the prestigious F-Gas Certification.


The Company’s mission is to satisfy customer needs through an efficient supply, installation and maintenance service, using quality products complying with current standards and regulations, and which are environmentally friendly.


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