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F-Gas certification

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O.R.T.I.Z. & Co. Srl in order to achieve the EU's objectives on climate change and fulfil its obligations under the Kyoto Protocol, according to the decrees and regulations relating to fluorinated greenhouse gases, has been certified with the identification number ICIM-CFA-000739-00 for the management of F- GAS activities according to the EC Regulation n. 1516/2007, n. 517/2014.


->   Regolamento(CE) n. 1516/2007

->   Regolamento(UE) n. 517/2014


The European Commission is placing more and more attention to the need to establish professional technical requirements for the ”technicians of the cold", with obvious consequences in the field of theoretical and practical requirements, as well as in terms of verification and certification of the required skills as to ensure compliance with EU laws.


The Official Journal of the European Commission published the European Parliament and council (council of the 16th of April 2014) regulation (EU) No. 517/2014 on fluorinated greenhouse gases: It contains rules (articles 11 and 14) which prohibit the recovery and sale of F-gases to people or companies not into possession of the certification. Starting from the 1st of June 2014 thermal plants must be equipped with a "facility Booklet for air conditioning", each air-conditioning system (split included) must be installed by a certified F-gas Company and, as of the 15th of October 2014, regardless of whether it is a new  or existing installations. Also, if the power rating is greater than 10/12 kw it is mandatory to follow periodic inspections, making sure that, in time, fuel consumption will not increase too much compared to its initial performance.


It is now possible to connect to the online system for the compilation of the declaration. Please note that the deadline for delivery is 31 May 2018.


->  Declaration F-Gas – FAQs (only in italian)


For all new customers who want to avoid fines by ISPRA (Istituto Superiore per la protezione e Ricerca Ambientale) we are happy to inspect your plant and make our best offer totally free.


O.R.T.I.Z. & Co. Srl contacts:



Supervisor: Eng. Traversa

Phone: (0039) 080 505 8966

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