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Refrigerating systems

O.R.T.I.Z. & Co. Srl is capable of realising direct expansion refrigerating systems, with the aid of fluorinated gases, and indirectly with the aid of a mixture of water and inhibited glycol.


These refrigerating systems are made of:


1. Industrial alternative or screw compressors, selected for an optimal refrigerating performance combined with low energetic consumption;


2. New generation industrial water or air condensers with high performances, widely sized for optimal control of condensation even in periods of critical environmental temperatures.


3. Desuperheaters for partial recovery of reusable condensation heat used for the defrosting phase that allows considerable savings in terms of electricity and thus operating costs;


4. Normalised single-stage hydraulic pumps .


5. CFC free refrigerants as required by current regulations;


6. Electrical panels, specifically designed and built following current standards and regulations, which undergo strict quality control.


These refrigerating systems serve as:

Impianti frigoriferi
Impianti frigoriferi
Impianti frigoriferi
Impianti frigoriferi
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