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Refrigerating systems

Refrigerating cold store

Refrigerating cold store is a place for food preservation, where the interior temperature is maintained below the outside room temperature. O.R.T.I.Z. & Co. Srl can offer different types, such as:


- NT cells, inside of which the product is stored at a temperature of about 0 °C

- BT  cells, ideal to preserve the product at a temperature of -18 ° C / -20 ° C

- BIV cells, are special cells that act as both NT and BT cells with a temperature that varies from 0 ° C to -20 ° C.


The field of application is extensive, so as to satisfy any requirement of the customer, such as:

- Processing plant for preserving grapes and cherries;

- Plants for kiwi conservation;

- Plants for processing fish products;

- Low temperature plants for the preservation of fish;

- Logistic platforms.


Celle frigorifere
Celle frigorifere

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