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Instant freezer for food fluids

The instant freezer for food fluids, patented by O.R.T.I.Z. & Co. Srl is available in various models each with different production abilities, that comply with various market demands.


The cornerstone of the instant freezer consists in the excellent potential to instantly solidify and freeze any type of food fluid, making it resistant to the natural proliferation of bacteria and preserving all of the organoleptic properties. All this thanks to the ability to standardise the low temperature inside the fluid in the same time interval.


These features offer the opportunity to benefit, upon thawing, of a product similar to fresh produce. The geometric shapes (flakes) taken by the now solidified products do not stick to one another thanks to the underwent treatment. This results in a comfortable storage, as if it were still a liquid product, and an equally easy withdrawal at any time and especially in desired amounts (even a few grams).


In conclusion, summarising the advantages offered by these revolutionary machines, we have:


- Extremely quick freezing times;

- Process standardisation (same temperatures inside with same time intervals);

- Block of the natural bacteria proliferation;

- Preservation of the organoleptic properties present in "fresh" food;

- Maximum storage versatility for the processed product;

- Possibility to withdrawal a minimum amount of the same product;

- Elimination of expensive grinding of frozen products;

- Opportunity to prepare small packages to sell;

- No disadvantages or contraindications.

Instant freezer for food fluids
Instant freezer for food fluids
Instant freezer for food fluids
Instant freezer for food fluids


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