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New food sanitising system

Only sellers in all of southern Italy, the food sanitising system, also developed in collaboration with research institutes, is a revolutionary system for the purification of food and industrial environments.


It’s a tool that employs high voltages of electricity to ionise the air molecules.


The air ionisation in a confined environment allows to obtain to obtain a significant reduction of bacteria and fungi, a neutralisation of smells and specific organic compounds (V.O.C.), as an aid to the separation and filtration of “particulate matter” molecules (P.M.) present in the air.


Causes the formation of ions in the air and charges negatively or positively atoms and molecules present and induces the activation of oxygen in reactive “radicals” (R.O.S. = Reactive Oxygen Species) which reduce, by oxidation, bacteria and fungi present in the air (inactivation) and malicious or unwanted organic compounds (VOC).


Works on the principle of “Barrier Discharge” or dielectric barrier discharge, a highly efficient and secure system, also combined with low energy consumption and reduced maintenance costs.


The main fields in which air ionisation is used are:


• Agroindustrial

- Preservation cells for fruits and vegetables (which reduces processes like senescence and rotting)

- The knocking down of ethylene (which maintains chlorophyll in vegetables and organoleptic qualities)

- The sanitation in processing rooms and the packaging of fruits and vegetables, meats and cold cuts.

- The sanitisation against harmful molds and mites in the ageing of cold cuts, bacons and cheeses.


• Industrial

- Air, smell and sanitising treatments in waste disposal plants

- V.O.C., smell and bacteria treatments in big shopping centres

- V.O.C., smell and bacteria treatments in sanitary environments, laboratories, gyms (cleanrooms), waiting rooms, etc.


• Fish Industry


Why buy?


- Extremely safe for human Health;

- Eliminates actively small and large particles and compounds;

- It provides a comprehensive solution for significantly elevating air quality by knocking down contaminating particles;

- It consumes less than a lightbulb.


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